Plazma Burst 3

Plazma Burst 3 is an online game that goes by the complete name of Plazma Burst 3: Forward to the Planet. It is a very interesting game where you have to find ways in order to avoid being murdered by your opponent. You also have to kill the enemy side by side in order to find a way to the end. The animation done in the game is excellent and gives an exceptionally real look and feel to the game.


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The game has its own rewards and bonuses. On every level or stage that you successfully pass, you are rewarded with a bonus of game money. With this money, you can up the level of your security by buying shields and other such stuff. Whereas the rest of the game is pretty challenging and exciting, level 4 can be called a glitch. This is because it does not have anything of significance in it. There aren’t any questions as such. So, how exactly are you supposed to cross this level. Follow the instructions given below and you will be able to pass this level easily.

Once you have loaded the game on your PC, click to start it. Then go to the main menu and click on level 4. On the other hand, if level 4 is still to be reached by you, do so because you won’t be able to play it without playing the rest of it first.

When setting the difficulty level of the game, make sure you have yourself in mind. Choose the option that would most likely go with your capabilities and yet be challenging at the same time.

Once level 4 loads, hit “3” on the keyboard immediately to go to the fast fire option. Then move left and kill the opponent before the game takes you to home. Next, press “W” to jump on the crate followed by an “E” in order to activate the option.

Then, starting walking towards the right where you will find 2 more opponents to kill. Make sure you do not get injured a lot while fighting them because once you are done with them, you will have to move further to kill another 2. From these two, get the wellness potion that they have.

Move further on and on your left side you will find another attacker. Kill it and earn another 2 wellness pack. If you are injured and need to be cured, use them up or otherwise keep them for further use. From here, walk towards your left.

You will meet more enemies on the way. Finish them all until you reach the holes from where you leap down. You will find quite a few enemies waiting to attack you. Face them and move on. Make sure you do not fall into the holes that come your way now. You will find some enemies in the yellow shield. Kill them as well.

Then, go to the right side of the area where you will find the “Exit.” The exit will be pointing downwards. Take a photo of the status of the enemy and go down where the arrow is pointing. This will complete the stage.


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