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It is like Eric Burt reads my mind every time he develops a new Plazma Burst series. The all new Plazma Burst 3 is yet another mind blowing addition to its series of prequels – Plazma Burst, Plazma Burst 2 , Plazma Burst Forward to the Past. This massive action game is far more just a flash player action and shooting game. This free online series is a memento of fabulous shooting and tactical gaming online. It is a side-scrolling shooting/action game and has amazing graphics. It is very violent in nature and has immense blood spatter and dismemberment and fastidious Ragdoll physics. However it comes with optional controls of stopping the blood spatter and making it ft for play for everyone.

The player plays the role of the character Marine, who could not get sent into the past in order to change the series of events to get a better life after his ally was critically damaged in the previous game.


It is estimated that the action packed series Plazma Burst 3 would be launched around September 2013. This is one game, every action gamer is counting the days while eagerly waiting for its release. It is speculated that the latest in the series of Plazma Burst, Plazma Burst 3 will proffer the players the ability to customize the appearance of the soldiers making it more interactive. Keep a watch and practice it’s prequels as we hold our breath waiting for the ultimate action shooting game unlike any, because when Eric Gurt gets to work he makes sure that we are at the edge of our seats.

Have Fun!

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