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Are you one of those people who still loves to play the classic snake game on your mobiles even after all the new hip and happening games have taken over the game market, and where andriodism has spread faster than anything ever has? If the answer is yes, then you are going to love what I am about to share with you. The Plazma Burst 1 is just as classic as the snake game itself. Oh! But don’t you make the slightest mistake of thinking it to be a slow and boring old fashioned game. It is one of the best games even today, simple but best. It is a highly fast paced game developed by Eric Gurt. It is a fabulous action shooting game, and I would deter from saying, it one of the most addictive of all flash player games.

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It is basically a side-scrolling shooting/action game and has amazing graphics. This is where I should probably make a disclaimer about its graphics, which are extremely violent in nature and may not be appropriate for all ages and weak at heart however as I never disappoint you, it comes with optional controls of stopping the blood spatter and making it ft for play for everyone.

But for the ones who love the aggression and bedlam you have your hands on just the game you would fall in love with. The game is well equipped and has 16 challenging levels to clear, and let me warn you this is no ordinary shooting game, its equally a strategic game which requires the player to make a strategy in every level to avoid being shot down. And that’s not all the game is a never ending adventure as there exists more than one route in each of the 16 challenging levels giving the player a huge advantage of varied permutation and combination to choose from and gets more and more thrilling every time.


The game works on simple WSAD controls, and the player can use the Mouse Wheel or the Number Keys (1-9) to change weapons from the existing 9 options.

G – Grenade

E – Use

P – Pause

It is adequately equipped with 9 different kinds of weapons and can be purchased and also upgraded from the stores between rounds. But it isn’t all that simple either and that is exactly where your strategy will give you an upper hand, it is not only you who can access these weapons and upgrade them, but your enemies can also do the same and win over you if your strategy is not infallible enough. This is what makes the game more realistic and adventurous. The enemies are computer operated and are smart as hell, they can jump over, duck, and also take cover when they are being shot at. However the player can be over smart the computer enemies with pinpoint shooting and accurate head shots and hits to other critical areas

So what are you waiting for, get geared and get shooting!








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