Plazma Burst 2 Cheats

Guess what has made a comeback? It’s none other than your very own Plazma Burst; one of the most addictive flash player games is back with a more adventurous and thrilling sequel – Plazma Burst 2, developed by Eric Burt. This free online action shooting game is back and the action is going to be far more than ever before.

Now get ready to shoot through the darkest corridors in every level fully crammed with aggressive enemies and lethal weapons, so are you ready to blast your way through all the new and more challenging obstacles than its prequel? Now the best action shooting game just got more tactical and strategic with each of the pack packed levels.

The strategy is now going to be a more important part of the game; it is more tactical and needs your attention to details. Unlock achievements and get upgrades to your equipment and weapons as you move ahead. Save yourself from getting shot by the hostile enemies. This gets more thrilling as you proceed to higher levels.

Spoiler Alert!

What is about to share might spoil the trail a bit, but will definitely not make the game one nano bit less interesting than before. Here are some of the cheat codes you can use to fight against the deadly and aggressive computer enemies

When you enter a level press enter and type the code ‘god 1’ (read: god space one) to attain maximum energy and unlimited health by multiplying your HP by 500 it basically means immortality to the player, you can type the code ‘god 0’ to get back to the normal just in case you choose to fight fair!

The following cheat codes will work only once you have finished campaign, the cheats can be used by pressing Enter on the keyboard.

-When a god player exits and if you join before he exits, you become the god.

- Enter the word ‘kill’ in the root command and press enter to die a quick death when you have lost limbs and it gets painful to stay alive. The kill command given by the player explodes his/her head and the player dies.

- IRKT i.e. Immortality Kill Ratio Trick is a very useful hack which gives the player unlimited kills on Plazma Burst 2

- A trick to the ‘grenade jump’, throw the grenade right under you and jump!

- To activate the bot mode while you are playing any mission (either single campaign or single custom) type ‘bot 1’ and give control of your character to the game’s artificial intelligence. This mode also helps you to take control when your character is near an enemy, the game AI takes over the control, it also chooses guns and switches between two on its own as well as fires them on its own.

- To deactivate the bot mode, type the word ‘bot 0’ (read: bot space zero) to retain control of your character from the game’s artificial intelligence. Once you enter the code all controls are returned to you Because nothing is fair in love and war!


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