Plazma Burst Forward To The Past


Can we ever get over endless shooting, thrilling and challenging levels and the most ferocious and hostile enemies? I guess Eric Burt already knew the answer and guess what is coming your way to challenge you again; it is another bullet in the thrilling and exciting series of Plazma Burst. After the brilliant success of Plazma Burst and Plazma Burst 2 Eric Burt is all set to entertain and challenge us in his sequel to the two most addictive free online games. It is no ordinary shooting and action game. This highly enthralling game is a radiant mix of action and strategy. The player needs to be really sharp aggressive and an intensive strategy maker to keep moving ahead in the game.


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The Game & Its Plot

Plazma Burst forward to the Past or simply and famously known as Plazma Burst FTP is the third in this fabulous series and goes around the central plot with a twist. The game’s character Marine was given the task of saving the world just when with an unfortunate accident you land up in the wrong place and now you have to find a way out of here. This version too, like it’s prequels is a fast paced side scrolling shooting game with violent graphics, immense blood spatter and dismemberment and fastidious ragdoll physics. The game is about sending to players to the past to change the course of events, player are fully equipped and ready to roll. Fight through each level of this bloody and showy flash action shooting game.


The Plazma Burst Forward to The Past has a very interesting inclusion of different androids. The androids are in war with characters the Marine, the Human Soldiers and the Falkoks. They come in two different ranks and when they are shot at, they bleed in yellow green blood. These androids are profoundly equipped with heavy weaponry such as a plasma canon and also a deadly rocket launcher.

Yellow Android:

These yellow androids are launched in the second level of the game – Plazma Burst FTP. They have a rather weak armor but carry plasma guns with them. The ones that approach early in the game can be easily destroyed with two grenades. They look yellowish-orange in color/appearance and have a silver colored metal backpack with an antenna sticking out and their visors are orange with red dots and the scratches on them signify that they must have in through war recently. They normally carry shotguns with them.


Grey Android:

These grey are launched in the fifth level of the game, Plazma Burst FTP. Like their yellow counterparts they too carry plasma guns with them, what’s added to their weaponry is a loaded rocket launcher. In comparison to their counterparts they are immensely tough and difficult to defeat. These androids are grey and silver in color/ appearance with blue spots on their armor, along with a red visor. They also are equipped with a mouth guard, silver in color with spacing for the androids to speak.

I’m sure this fully loaded game is going to an absolute thriller. You go play your round while I finish mine.

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